IT Projects

Current Tier 1 Projects (54)

Student Success (21)

  • Admissions & Remediation Processing (EO 1110)
  • Cal State Apply Implementation
  • Credential Solutions/Transcripts Plus Implementation
  • Degree Planner Phase 2
  • EAB - Student Success Collaborative
  • Grade Change Automation (AWE, other)
  • Orientation Modification Overhaul
  • Reimplementation of Admissions
  • Wine Spectator Learning Center
  • Summer Moves
  • SumTotal LMS for training (replace Skillport/Lawroom)
  • Planning for Stevenson computer lab relocation
  • Implement Credentials for transcripts
  • Classroom Technology Refresh Project
  • SOMO Lease for CDL/ CO
  • SOMO Lease for Extended Ed
  • Zoom API needs to be replaced
  • PERC (Post enrollment requisite checking)
  • New LMS Implementation & Rollout
  • Athletics network and phone connectivity for field house
  • Cashelss Printing for students in the Library

Transformative Impact (23)

  • Border Firewall upgrade
  • Course & Class Data Export for Drupal sites
  • Institution Website conversion to Drupal (200 sites)
  • New Catalog management software (Academic Affairs)
  • OnBase Implementation
  • IP Phone Migration (GMC & Student Health Center) to retire Nortel
  • Level 1 Data Inventory Clean-up
  • CHRS (CO Common H/R System) Upgrade
  • CNI (Common Network Initiative) Access Layer
  • IT Strategic Plan
  • Convert old transcript to XML Official Transcript
  • Stevenson Remodel and Surge Space
  • Document Imaging Implementation
  • Implement new Budget Software (CFS, SA, HR)
  • Platinum Analytics (ICLM project)
  • Tableau (ICLM project)
  • Auto Attendant & Voicemail Replacement (retire Call Pilot)
  • Move Exchange to Gmail cloud(email, calendar, contacts, listserves, chat)
  • Replace network switches not on CNI project
  • Secure Connectivity via VPN (virtual private network)
  • MFA (multi factor authentication)
  • CASHNet “split payment balances”
  • Review/clean firewall rules, document rule's purpose - DMZ, NASA, etc

Academic Excellence & Innovation (7)

  • Develop information security risk management process
  • Improve baseline hardening standards
  • Information Security Program Review
  • GDPR Compliance (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • UPS Project for VoIP (power for phones during power outage)
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan (audit finding)
  • Identify and protect high risk workstations

Leadership Cultivation (3)

  • Northbay Alert System (Fire)
  • Dispatch transition for University Police
  • Software implementation for Risk & Safety Solutions (RSS)